The ability to process transactions on the go is an important element of success in today’s fast-paced world.   The standards required for credit and debit transactions have traditionally tied businesses to wired connections but, with our technological solutions, mobile sales can now always be an option.  No matter the location, our technology can keep your business up and running.

Verifone VX 580

The Verifone VX 580 handles encryption, decryption, and processing at the speeds your business needs.  Every functions found in a more traditional POS system is contained inside with the added benefit of portability.  Integrated NFC capabilities also allow you to accept alternative payments, such as loyalty or gift cards.  From dial-up connections to wireless Ethernet, the Verifone VX 580 works wherever you are.  Security, encryption, and Verifone’s NFC technology come together in this full-featured payment device you can slip into a bag and take on the road.  

Why Use Our Solutions?

  • The Verifone provides the same level of security as traditional systems, so customers can trust in your security
  • Regular terminals are stationary, but wireless terminals are often small enough to slip in your pocket
  • Wireless processing allows you to accept card transactions wherever you are, so location is no longer an obstacle to potential earnings
  • You’ll no longer need wired POS systems, so you can save money by cutting unnecessary cords from your budget

Our solutions provide security to your customers anytime and anywhere  More mobility equals increased visibility.  Increased visibility equals more customers.  And more customers equals higher earnings for you and for your business.