Retail and Restaurants

Many transactions take place in-house, so you need fast and reliable transactions.  Merchant Cooperative provides you with the equipment you need to keep customer information encrypted, without any unnecessary slowdown at the register.  Our easily installed terminals come in both wired and wireless versions, promise fast authorization, and support every major payment type.  Transactions of any size can be processed quickly and reliably, in full compliance with PCI standards.  Whether you have a small business or a large operation, Merchant Cooperative is ready to meet and exceed your expectations.  And, as always, our customer service is ready and able to walk you through any problem you could possibly have.


The environment of traditional brick-and-mortar operations has expanded beyond cash and checks. Merchant Cooperative helps you stay in the game with its technological solutions.  We offer leading terminals for use at your registers, so that you can accept a number of payment methods with ease and security.   Speedy authorizations allow you to process more transactions in less time, which leads to greater revenue and increased sales.


Today’s diners expect fast service, both at the table and at the register.  A quick, simple payment process keeps customers coming back, time and time again.  Credit and debit card transactions at restaurants require the same level of reliability as at a retail store.  Tips, server numbers, and gratuities provide an additional layer of complexity.  With the right terminal and payment gateways, your employees will be able to focus on the customers, instead of the equipment itself.  In addition, our commitment to meeting PCI standards reduces the risk of potential fraud.  Merchant Cooperative will help you to keep your business operating smoothly with the right POS terminal, the right software, and the right support.