Credit Card Processing | South Carolina

Merchant Cooperative is a South Carolina based service provider, intent on helping your small business succeed.  In today’s competitive marketplace, accepting credit and debit cards is a must for any business. Eighty-percent of all retail customers pay with their credit and debit cards and, if you don’t accept cards, customers will go to a competitor who does.  Merchant Cooperative aims to simplify and optimize your ability to accept card payments so that you can process transactions in your brick-and-mortar store, online, and on the go.

Cash Advances

Whether you’re a big or small merchant, our cash advance program can help grow your business.

Merchant Cooperative can help with advertising, inventory, or just provide additional working capital. If you’ve been in business for more than a year and have been processing credit cards for at least four months, you most likely qualify for an advance! There are no upfront costs, and we can get you funded in about 10 days.  A cash advance can provide you with more working capital so that you can develop and improve your business.  Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business!

Check Guarantee

Through Secure Payment Systems, a unique information services company that specializes in the needs of small and midsize retailers, we offer you Electronic Check Conversion.  In addition, Merchant Cooperative provides two forms of Check Authorization: Traditional Check Guarantee and Phone Authorization. Offer your customers the option to pay by check without having to worry about fraud and bad check fees.

Gift Cards

Through SPS, we also offer our merchants a Gift Card program. Choose between a Semi-Custom and Custom card program. Promote your brand and increase destination purchases with gift cards!

Premium Customer Care

Premium Customer Care represents the ultimate in merchant concierge services. One low monthly fee provides an array of valuable benefits. These include a lifetime warranty on equipment purchased or leased from us, free supplies, free loaner equipment, and priority customer support.

Online Access

You can view all of your merchant account activity online 24/7/365.  With iAccess , you have the best online access tool in the business. If on-demand access to your account activity is important to you, try iAccess. The first month is free!